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My first entry EVER!

2007-08-11 23:17:34 by nytrus

Hi everyone! I submited my first portal entry today. Check out the banner I made for it! It was for the Wiggi World competition but I ended up getting dragged away from my computer and didn't get it in on time . I still sent them it though so they could use it in their arcade thingy if they wanted to. I always thought that my first submission would be the first in a series of something like a fan made dbz series. Well theres still time for that but think I'd rather make up something completly new (yes I do think!).

I put my step brother in the credits because he did help me make it, if not in a more moral boosting way (he's toxide by the way, visit his userpage if you want, he's starting a 'seal of approval' thing). I am a bit cautious about using my ideas for flash games and movies though because eventually I want to make them to sell like on a games website or something and I don't want to give away all my plots and ideas. Having said that if I thought it would get front page I would probably make it anyway :p.

On a more personal note I just finished making a website for a place that I was working at (following work experience.) It's here. Well it would be if they hadn't taken it down but oh well.

Thats it for now I think. Feel free to comment.


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2007-08-12 02:33:38

Err sadly the link to the website didn't seem to work for me...I don't know if it's dead or if my internet is just screwy. Also, nice wiggi flash submission! I already left a comment but I just wanted to say sorry about all the other crap on your comments wall. People don't understand that the games are meant to be geared towards younger kids. Just ignore them, improve where you can, and you can do great things!

(Updated ) nytrus responds:

Yeah they've took the link down for now (hope they haven't found the easter egg lol) Hopefully I will improve with future submissions. The main reason why some reviews are so bad is probably because its a wiggi world thing, like you said.

Anyway thanks for the vote of confidence!