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Just submitted my halloween entry. Glad that one's over with. Not that I didn't enjoy making it, just that I wanted to start doing other things and I was spending longer than I'd anticipated on it. I'd done the majority last september sometime but only just decided to finish it a few days ago. Had some trouble with the sound too but it worked in the end.

Good luck me!

My first entry EVER!

2007-08-11 23:17:34 by nytrus

Hi everyone! I submited my first portal entry today. Check out the banner I made for it! It was for the Wiggi World competition but I ended up getting dragged away from my computer and didn't get it in on time . I still sent them it though so they could use it in their arcade thingy if they wanted to. I always thought that my first submission would be the first in a series of something like a fan made dbz series. Well theres still time for that but think I'd rather make up something completly new (yes I do think!).

I put my step brother in the credits because he did help me make it, if not in a more moral boosting way (he's toxide by the way, visit his userpage if you want, he's starting a 'seal of approval' thing). I am a bit cautious about using my ideas for flash games and movies though because eventually I want to make them to sell like on a games website or something and I don't want to give away all my plots and ideas. Having said that if I thought it would get front page I would probably make it anyway :p.

On a more personal note I just finished making a website for a place that I was working at (following work experience.) It's here. Well it would be if they hadn't taken it down but oh well.

Thats it for now I think. Feel free to comment.